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Conflict Management Training

Assist Security has been delivering Conflict Management Training since 2001. We are therefore able to offer you and your staff an effective, tailored Conflict management course. The course is relevant for anyone working in a challenging environment, particularly where alcohol is available and behaviour may need to be confronted.

The course will teach methods to help the student to:

  • Identify conflict situations and give practical solutions to resolve them.
  • Initiate De-escalation techniques.
  • Instigate exit strategies for withdrawal from situations that could potentially escalate to violence.
  • Identify drunkenness and disorderly behaviour.
  • Address challenging behaviour and ‘Aggressive Hospitality’

We have included some recent feedback below from students:

‘What were your thoughts on the session?’

It was superb, the best training session I have had. There isn’t anything I feel he can add or should change, just pass on a massive thank you.

An excellent, well presented session – sharp and to the point (with humour where appropriate!).

I really enjoyed the session and felt that Malcolm made sure he covered everyone’s job roles to link back to situations that would apply to them.

Good – everyone very positive and taking part which was good.  Malcolm was enthusiastic and went round the room involving everyone in the process. It was good to think/talk about stressful face to face interactions with customers.  Apparently it’s normal to feel stressed and it’s good to recognise everyone feels the same.

Great.  Though it didn’t tell me many things I didn’t already know (how to handle the situations) it did give me confidence that I was doing the right thing.  I also found it really helpful to understand the psychology behind what I was doing which helped me to understand why my approach worked.

Very enjoyable. Was very interesting and loved getting to hear everyone’s experiences. Malcolm was a very, very good presenter.

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